Saturday, 28 July 2012

It takes a while but...

I just have loads of things on the go.

This little bathroom vanity was inspired by a dear friend who comes up with a lot of inspiration and ideas for me, thank you Monica.  I have loads of things to make from the ideas that Monica has shared with me.  Maybe it will be just our dollhouses that have these pieces or if anyone else is interested, if I don't make any for my website and they would like one, please contact me.

My friend is more into the traditional old fashioned romantic things whereas I like modern pieces as well as the old stuff.

Been making some new plates too.

and I have made another version of the kitchen set - not quite finished - still needs a tap and the worktop and sink needs fixing in place.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

My NEW NEW Kitchen

After far too many ideas / changes I have finally come up with these.  Thanks to 1inch minis by Kris, she has wonderful ideas and encourages you to go and make and improve on her ideas.  Her tutorials have inspired me a lot.

All variations on the same theme, some really shabby others  squeaky clean.

Then I have made some little bread bins / boxes