Friday, 26 October 2012

Finally got to add some new items to my website

Its been a while since I updated my site.  I'm afraid I keep making things putting them aside, making different things, putting them aside and making more and so it goes on - and, of course, because I never get around to taking photos of them - nobody gets to see what I have done - How dumb is that?

The last 2 items are yet to be added - along with a whole load more!

I have started a new project (I'm afraid my Grosvenor House kitchen has been put on hold) for the Model Exhibition we attend every April.  I have had the 'Country Store' DHE kit in storage for years and years and this little house would fit in our car easily - so have decided to do this to show.

I will post some progress with it as it happens but nothing exciting at the moment.

Can someone please make the days last longer!  It seems sometimes nothing is done and the day is gone - or is it just me!