Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Annual outing !

Hi everyone,

I have been frantically trying to finish the Little Country Store ready for Sunday (28th) when we attend a Charity Fund Raising Event in Monageer.  I don't joke either when I say its my annual outing - we don't go anywhere - ever - just provisions shopping - and that's not every week either - what a strange life I live but I wouldn't have it any other way it means I can make minis all day everyday - except when household chores interrupt but then I also love food so I don't really mind the cooking part!

Anyway back to miniatures.  I was really stuck as to know what to fill this little house up with and just over a week ago I hadn't put anything in it so I really had to get a move on.  Like I have said in the past I love creating and making things but when it comes to putting it all together that's when I lose it!

So out came boxes and boxes of things I have made and slowly I started getting something together.

Everything I have put in this house has been made by me with the exception of the electric working lights, these were amongst my mini stash from years gone by that I have collected along the way.  Also the little ceramic heart shaped tray in the bedroom, the teapot and cupcakes in the kitchen were made by Charissa -  The mugs, gateaux and ceramic pot of flowers and phone were also purchases, but everything else is mine.

Here is my effort, any comments from you would be welcome - good or bad.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Some new things

I must stop and take photos and upload to my site (so I keep telling myself) and never get around to doing it but I thought I would just do a quick peak into what I have been up to.

These are some little Memories chests/trunks they measure 55mmx40mmx40mm approx.

This is an idea that was on Pinterest that I just had to 'shrink' down - what a lovely idea to make an old bookcase into either a dollhouse themed toy/bookshelf or even an open dollhouse for a dollhouse!

I have been making these little dressers in different colours with more to follow.

 This is a little cabinet suitable for a bathroom / bedroom it has a white worktop and one shelf inside