Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Little and Large

I have always thought that 1/24th scale was way too small for me, but having had a request from someone I have dipped my 'toe' into this scale and started making some of my items to this.

I know, including myself, that we all get limited on room as to where to put our 1/12th dollshouses/ room settings etc and I realise that scaling down half as much again does make for collections that take up such a little amount of space.

This is just the start of the things I have made in this scale, I have made others and show a group of them below.

As you can see it only measures 3 inches across 
The doors open on the wall cupboard section
but are non-opening on the base

wall cupboards are resting on top but they go on the wall
here it is shown against a 1/12th size

I have a dresser, cabinet, prop, chest of drawers, shelving and another kitchen here all in 1/24th scale
and a few other bits and bobs which I have yet to finish, so will update later.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

See it - make it MINI

Welcome to my new followers, I am flattered.  I try to update my blog when time allows, although it may not be of any interest to everybody sometimes I will surprise you!

My sisters are so clever.  They just know what goes together and what little treasures to collect.

This is my younger sister's setting in her sun room

Must make a MINI version of the little lacy lantern too

and the little shabby white cabinet in my big sis' kitchen.

And here is my MINI take on them (making the middle more drawers not a cupboard)

There are also some items from this setting that are included in the above quick snap I took - better photos to come

Here are some more items I have made MINI - just a quick snap again and as you will see not finished here (no drawer knobs)

Friday, 18 July 2014


Hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather.  It is really hot here - don't like the thunderstorms though!

Well I have finally got around to taking some photos - still hundreds to do but I have started.

These are just a few of the things I have been making with my 3D printer (which I love).  All available on my website.  The cupboard made with my laser and tea cloths with fabric and printed.

 I hope to get some more photos from my sisters of their latest market stall soon so watch this space for more minimising!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Miniature Flea Market

Well I have been trying to send my niece some photos on Facebook of this and I can't work out how to send more than one at a time - and each one of them takes forever - so I haven given up and uploaded to an album in my personal page - and then it went public!  So I figured I would upload to my blog so my followers could see it.

It was intended to be based on my Sisters' stall at the Sunday Market in Guernsey.  They both have such a gift for this kind of thing and they love doing it.  Here are the pictures of the REAL thing

I think I have too much on mine - it looks a mess - I will definitely have to get some lessons from them when I see them later this year.  Can't wait.

Monday, 7 April 2014


Update on Grosvenor Hall.
Bernie has been putting a lot of hours into this for me, love him to bits.
He is now concentrating on the interior doors.
I hadn't realised there was still so much to do on this house.

Also been adding some new bits to my website, which include electric lights and pottery items, plus a few more things

One of my sisters, Ali, was always on about Annie Sloan chalk paints and waxes and I thought I would get some and try them out - needless to say i love them.  I have used them on my new pieces and they give a fabulous finish.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Grosvenor Hall revisited

Hi everyone

Welcome to all my new followers,  I hope to post regular updates of progress on this house.  I have had it for a few years now and it has stayed untouched for many of them as I have been concentrating on my miniatures site.  But..... now my fab husband, Bernie has stepped in to finish the building of it - the real time consuming stuff like painting the windows and adding all the details to the front facade. I have already put most of the electrics in and decorated 2 of the rooms but once Bernie has finished it I will try and get at least one room completely finished.  Of course, I only want to put in everything I have made I don't really want to put any of the purchased pieces in that I have collected over many years.  I really must get around to selling them on Ebay or something!

Anyway here is the start of what Bernie has done - I will post updates when I feel there is enough changes to be noticed.

Here Bernie has added the columns and some of the panel pieces, I had already got it painted on the top half but I want him to change the colour of this for me also ( I have a long list of what I want him to do - poor love )  but he did offer (I bet he is sorry now)!