Friday, 25 August 2017


Well our home contents are - we will follow in a few days!

We have spent the last few weeks packing everything up, really hard work as we have so much stuff.  We were really worried that it would not all fit on the truck!

Such lovely removal guys.  A BIG thank you to Jamie's Removals of the Isle of Man you are doing a fabulous job, as I type this post they are hard at work getting everything loaded, well done Jamie and Carl.

Our little Bichon dogs have been so bewildered by all the mess and upheaval.  They will be further mixed up when we are staying in temporary accommodation.

I am already missing making my minis but hey ho this will give me plenty of time to design new things already for when my 3D printers are up and running again.

I am so looking forward to settling in our new home on Isle of Man.  We were so lucky to come across the little gem we found.  I know our 2 little dogs will love their new garden - I know we will.

For a few weeks anyway I will be posting on my blog something I never normally get time to do.

Now I must go and make these hard working men a brew.