Friday, 15 September 2017

Still homeless!

We are staying in B&B until next Wednesday and then we move onto our son's until our house purchase is complete, still not sure what date yet.

Our hosts at the B&B are fabulous, as is their home.  Their dog, Pepper, is a delightful Cockerpoo, only just 1 year old and so friendly,  I love her.  Our little Bichons are confused but seem to be 'going with the flow'.

We are currently sitting in the car over looking Douglas Bay, on Douglas Head.  Nice sunny day today.  There seem to be a lot of tourists still here.

Had a few 'fun and games' sorting out hubby's phone when replacing SIM card with a local one - it was locked to the Irish carrier!   Errrr.. made me very cross as I paid mega Euros to get that phone unlocked a couple of years ago.  Anyway after a 3 hour phone call, which also included Apple in a 'conference' call with Vodafone, it finally got sorted - PHEW.  Glad they ended up phoning me back, on my phone, wouldn't have wanted that charge.

On another issue, while I appreciate the priority is to protect the individual what a 'faff' to change address on bank and credit cards - almost impossible, I can't believe how difficult they make it.  Waste of time talking to anyone on the phone about this they are so 'helpful' NOT!  I posted change of address to most of them before we left Ireland and all of them must have been sent around the globe, collecting airmiles or something, as 2 weeks later the details have still not been updated!

I must stop grumbling but I have to let off steam - CALM DOWN AND CARRY ON Susan - OK rant over.

Now I am going to walk my doggies along Marine Drive so we can all have a leg stretch and a bit of exercise.

Update you later.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Just kicking our heels now

I am so frustrated not being kept busy with my minis.

We leave home on Wednesday (or now maybe it should be called 'base') as we have nothing left apart from a blowup bed, a mug, plate, and spoon, plus various items that I just had to keep back like toaster and teapot!  It should be fun trying (and I think it will be trying) to get what we have left into our little Fiesta, including 2 pet carriers, plus 2 dogs! and a suitcase of clothes, plus umpteen plastic boxes that we had in freezer with meals/food in.  Oh what fun!

Yesterday we used a 24/7 Laundry in the village Wellington Bridge, and it was first class and quick.  Would recommend to anyone as we were a little concerned that it might not be great - just placed the washing in and sat in the car and waited for it to finish.

Be glad when we get across the Irish sea, not looking forward to that bit as I am concerned for my little dogs being left in the car on the car deck as they are not allowed on board the ferry as it has no facilities for them only the bigger vessel has.  Three hours of torment for them and us.

Looks so sad with no furniture

I'm so bored ...................