Just kicking our heels now

I am so frustrated not being kept busy with my minis.

We leave home on Wednesday (or now maybe it should be called 'base') as we have nothing left apart from a blowup bed, a mug, plate, and spoon, plus various items that I just had to keep back like toaster and teapot!  It should be fun trying (and I think it will be trying) to get what we have left into our little Fiesta, including 2 pet carriers, plus 2 dogs! and a suitcase of clothes, plus umpteen plastic boxes that we had in freezer with meals/food in.  Oh what fun!

Yesterday we used a 24/7 Laundry in the village Wellington Bridge, and it was first class and quick.  Would recommend to anyone as we were a little concerned that it might not be great - just placed the washing in and sat in the car and waited for it to finish.

Be glad when we get across the Irish sea, not looking forward to that bit as I am concerned for my little dogs being left in the car on the car deck as they are not allowed on board the ferry as it has no facilities for them only the bigger vessel has.  Three hours of torment for them and us.

Looks so sad with no furniture

I'm so bored ...................


  1. I can imagine you are bored! How annoying. Still, not long to go now. And I am sure your doggies will be ok. At least it is familiar for them in the car. Tire them out beforehand so they can sleep. Have a safe journey.

  2. ¡Anima! ,ya te queda menos,seguro que el viaje será bueno:-)

  3. Tire them out beforehand so they can sleep. Have a safe journey.

    แตกใน xxx

  4. I wish you good luck. Of course it's all complicated. Three hours is not very much and dogs will cope with this. But in the new place, only good things await you!

  5. I shall think of you as you travel ...when we flew state side we got the vet to give us a tablet so our little dog slept in his little dog kennel quite unaware of the flight ...u could ask vets advice if u are worried ? So exciting a new home I don't envy you the boxes but it's always nice to have your things around you again ..and while you wait draw new ideas I have list awaiting your shop opening again lol safe trip Jane 😊

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