Had chance to upload a few displays to my site yesterday.

I have made little 'tins' and 'pots' with these items.

Still not done anymore to my kitchen yet - have other pressing things to do.

Just had a break in the Isle of Man to see family and trying to catch up on everything.  You know what its like a ton of washing (why there always seems more out of a suitcase in a week than the normal laundry basket at home beats me!).

Not back one day and had to rush one of our Westies to the Vet for an emergency operation.  She seems to be fine (thank goodness) and well on the road to recovery now - stitches out in a few days time.

Have spent today sorting and tidying up my work space - it got so I couldn't work in it - I have to have a neat and tidy workspace or I can't function!

So have to get evening meal done now and then tomorrow I should have a nice early start on making minis, in my nice clear and tidy room.


  1. I understand you..... my work table is a chaos! tomorrow I'll have to tidy too!!!! I hope that now your dog is well! very beautiful your tins and pots, like all your works!!!!

  2. Me alegro de que este mejor tu perrito.
    Esos perfumes son preciosos.
    besitos ascension


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