Full of new inspiration after a visit back home to Guernsey

We just had a short unexpected visit back to Guernsey, got to see our new Grandson and all the rest, well nearly, of the family.

Two of my sisters were there but my third sister was away, so unfortunately, I didn't get to see her.  My two sisters have an eye for home decor and detail, in fact they are brilliant at it.  My sister Ali (Alison) has a beautiful hobby room but it is far too perfect to use.  I took loads of pictures and have come back home determined to copy them in miniature.
This was just one item in Ali's hobby room and I have copied this as close as I could.
and this is the result.  I have made 'fat quarters' for the drawers also.

This next picture is of a plant holder in my other sister, Jane's home

and here is my copy, still need to put 'glass' in it yet and make some plants!
Back to Ali's home and I fell in love with this
I made the body part in fabric and stuffed it firm, I need to source some really pretty dainty antique lace, Ali showed me some she had picked up from a boot car sale for a tenner they were beautiful pieces, anyway here is my effort albeit 1/12th the size
Staying at Ali's and moving to the kitchen this little wall display cupboard was just made for miniaturising, sorry about the quality of the photo

and here is my 'shrunk' down version, still need to clean the paint off the hinges and final coat to go on 

There are loads and loads of things to follow - so please check back soon

This is just a start, believe me its only the tip of the iceberg as she has so many things that I took photos of.


  1. Everything is just gorgeous as always!!

  2. My word, you WERE inspired! I can't wait to see what follows now.

  3. Great ideas and wonderful miniatures!!!!!

  4. You've done an absolutely wonderful job of re-creating RL, thanks so much for sharing. I particularly love your little cabinet with sewing requisites.


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