Did I ever say Pink was my favourite colour!

Welcome to all my new followers, I hope you enjoy popping in to see me now and then.  I can't promise to update as often as I would like, but I do get my 'little' moments.

I am working on PINK as my theme for a few new things / ideas I have and this is the first glimpse of a few of them

The little book stand's drawers do not open but on the other pieces the drawers are all 'working'.

The two little drawer sets (the ones with the black transfers) are for placing on a raised surface (i.e. a deep window sill / shelf table or cabinet).

I am almost finished making another bed (different from the one above) but of course it will be PINK!


  1. Hello Mollysue! Everything looks so dreamy and feminine! This is such a delicate pink that it visually seems to float. Very very pretty as a collection and individually everything is detailed beautifully!


  2. I also like pink. These pieces are delicate, elegant and romantic.
    Bye, Faby


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