Little and Large

I have always thought that 1/24th scale was way too small for me, but having had a request from someone I have dipped my 'toe' into this scale and started making some of my items to this.

I know, including myself, that we all get limited on room as to where to put our 1/12th dollshouses/ room settings etc and I realise that scaling down half as much again does make for collections that take up such a little amount of space.

This is just the start of the things I have made in this scale, I have made others and show a group of them below.

As you can see it only measures 3 inches across 
The doors open on the wall cupboard section
but are non-opening on the base

wall cupboards are resting on top but they go on the wall
here it is shown against a 1/12th size

I have a dresser, cabinet, prop, chest of drawers, shelving and another kitchen here all in 1/24th scale
and a few other bits and bobs which I have yet to finish, so will update later.


  1. Beautiful pieces. I do strive to be able to make my own furniture. You inspire me.


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