Back from visiting Guernsey and armed with loads of ideas

It was great to see all our family and catch up on so many things that time allowed.

I was really lucky this visit I was actually able to visit my sisters' seafront stall (the last one for the season).  As usual they produced some lovely pieces and attracted a good crowd, they are so talented.  Of course I took some photos and am now busy copying their items in miniature.

Before I started my miniaturising of their pieces I just had the urge to make something for the inside of some lanterns I bought ages ago and have had nothing in them and so they looked a little sorry for themselves.  This first one I have filled is just put together with my pieces that I have made and have just stuffed into drawers or boxes.  This is when I need my sisters here as I could just give them the boxes and they would just know what goes together, whilst I take ages 'phaffing' around not really getting anywhere!

I love dogs and have been making a few with my 3D Printer, you will see one curled up in the photos.  I have a few Westie ones also.  My garden ornaments I have been making for ages now (must put some on my site !


  1. The garden minis in the lantern look beautiful.

  2. I agree with Faby, Your lantern display is Superb, with a serene and feminine atmosphere that is visually Beautiful as well as Inviting!

  3. You are good at putting things together. This scene looks great. Your sister's stall looks like it has lots of gorgeous treasures, especially all those cushions.

  4. Oh WOW, thank you for your comments they mean so much to me.


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