Experimenting with finishing off

Hi everybody

I am learning new ways of finishing off my prints and I am very pleased with the results so far.

Colours may be a little too bright for some but I am making something different to that which I usually do.  Mixed with softer tones I think these will work.

Working on light grey, white and a bright blue too.

Also updated my cooker ranges these will now be made part laser cut and part 3D printed.  This is a photo of my first one.


  1. I LOVE IT ALL!!! I love each of your color collections and the vibrant solid colors are truly lovely! White will probably be the most sought after when it comes to the dishes, but I have to say that your enameled cookware is perfectly Dreamy! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! :D


  2. The colors are perfect! There will be a lot of cooking going on in some mini house with that gorgeous stove! I hope it is used in a story rather than a scene so justice will be served.

  3. Your work are always so perfect and realistic looking...and the colors are just right!


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