Well there's a surprise!

Already 4 months into the Year and only one post!

I will have to try harder to get some posts on.

I have been trying to arrange things for taking photos to get better at it, as they say practice makes perfect - although I think I have a lot of practice to do.

I am working on some 'cast iron / wrought iron' items which I will post photos of soon.  In the meantime here are are a few photos of my latest arrangement.

I didn't make the teddybear nor the tablecloth but everything else has been made by me.


  1. It's beautiful! You've nailed the rich antique tones!

  2. You have created a very interesting scene....lots of lovely things to look at, my eye caught your lovely floor rug......gorgeous!!

  3. I don't know how you do it! Your work is amazing. I use my iPhone a lot to photograph miniatures, especially in the dollhouse because I can get it right inside the room. When I use my camera, I place one of those 3 sided presentation posters boards on the countertop with white card stock on the counter to set my items on in a well lit area. Using the flash will reduce shadows. If I want a black background I add a single black poster board (one without sides) and black card stock. I get decent results. Setting up this mini studio doesn't take much time and is cheap. Your blog posts pop up on my gardening blog, but I do have a dollhouse blog, annsdollhouseddreams.blogspot.com. I'd love for you to visit because I admire your work so much. For the gardening blog, I post weekly and have a nice list of followers. The dollhouse blog is another story. As you, I don't post there much and have only 6 followers. I am very thankful to have them. Dollhouse bloggers are too busy to write every day with their time devoted to creating their minis, but when they do post, it is always good reading.

  4. I LOVE the way you have stacked boxes and piled linen and layered bits an pieces of furniture and fitting on top of each other! It doesn't all match but it all looks like it belongs together which to my eyes, looks BEAUTIFUL! :D


  5. Cozy scene, many interesting details. Love it!


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