Hello, long time since my last post

I would just like to mention that I get a lot of comments (PM's and public) from people reading my blog, which I am very touched by, thank you to you all.  Some people are unaware that I do actually make everything for sale.

I have my website http://www.mollysueminiatures.com/index.html

Anything you see on either this blog or my website is available (and loads besides) just drop me a message if you can't see what you want - there is no obligation to make a purchase.

I make kitchens to fit your room size and you can ask for a specific style - again no obligation.

I was asked a little while back if I did any 'beachy' things for someone that has a beach house - I am only too happy to have a go and have made a few items.  I have a load more but just wanted to show you these so far.

Deck chair, lighthouse, seahorse, anchor, life belt, ship wheel, framed seashell and word art to start with.


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