We have a date!

I am so excited we are moving in on 31st October AT LAST!

I can't tell you how happy we are.  All our belongings have been in storage for over 9 weeks now, including my precious 3D printers.  So we will have some unpacking and sorting out to do but oh so worth it after being 'homeless' all this time.  So grateful to our son for putting up with us all these weeks.

The dogs have been washed and trimmed (by a professional groomer www.facebook.com/caninedivineiom, (not me)) and are looking fabulous ready for our move to our new home.  I can't wait for them to explore the garden, something they have missed since we left our home in Ireland.

These pics were taken after they had been out in the rain and wind but still look fab.




Now it's just a matter of getting through the next few days - so close, yet so far!


  1. Eek, good luck! Your little ones look gorgeous and are sure to make all the new neighbourhood doggies very jealous!hope it all goes well.

  2. Thank you
    We are hoping for good weather but hey ho I don't really care what the weather is it will be just so nice to have a home again!

  3. Your two puppies Molly and Ossie are precious! They look very much like my own dog Sadie Bear which is a Lasa/poo and has the same wavy hair and cute face. :D
    No doubt, being in a new home will be another re-adjustment but I hope that you and your darling pets will settle in quickly and Happily.


  4. Thank you Elizabeth
    Only 3 sleeps to go and we will be there :)

  5. Charming little dogs! I hope for a new place they are all well, there are many cozy places and delicious food.


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