Apologies to all my followers

Well to be perfectly honest I have not given my blog an ounce of thought for absolutely ages - well years actually.  It wasn't until someone emailed me and asked if I had a blog as they didn't use Facebook and wanted to follow me!  Oops, no matter what I say it is no excuse to all those of you have followed me with  no injection of news updates or anything!  So sorry.

Now, I can report that I have spent a considerable amount of time on a new website.  My previous one was getting more and more difficult to manage as the software that I used was no longer being supported and it seemed every time I went to edit something, photos would be missing, fonts wouldn't be right etc etc.  So I decided to go with a different website provider and boy oh boy how I wish I had ages ago.  Once I had grasped the basics it is brilliant and so much more professional.  Please, if you haven't already, check it out


Now there is an option to add a blog on this too - but I will need to get my head around it first and devote some time to it so I can add content of interest!

Just a photo of some detailed urns and pots and salvage pieces that I have made.


  1. I am extremely happy to have discovered your blog. I just spent a lovely afternoon reading all of your blog posts and drooling over your incredible and beautiful creations. I am 65 and have just started my first dollhouse - if I knew how much fun it was going to be I would have started much sooner!

  2. I went to your new site. I dont see a way to follow. Is there a way to register or follow?


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