Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Well Christmas is almost upon us

and - woosh, where did this year go?

We may like miniature things but don't the years seem to be getting more and more mini!

Well busy busy as ever and been making new things and experimenting.  Here is a small collection of what I have been playing with.

and at last Fairbanks has been brought in from the cold.  She now sits in my 'hobby' room waiting for final decoration.

Since moving her into the house I have made 'leaded' windows for her and will put the doors in later today - which have also been painted and stained glass patterns added to their window part.

no 'leaded' windows added to this side yet.

Monday, 26 November 2012

New house is started

Added a few more progress photos further down

I would like to thank everyone who has decided to follow my blog.  I love it when a new member joins, thank you all so much.

Well I have had this little kit in storage for absolutely ages and have finally got around to bringing it together.  It's a DHE kit - The Country Store (it is now discontinued).

Here are a few photos of its stages (very early stages) - I will post some more later as it is now at a stage for the best bit - putting all the personal touches in.

I want to make a little 'owner's flat' on the upper floors and a shop on the ground floor.

Still need to make some slates for the bay windows and roof and give it a name.

And here is another one that has been 'floating' around the garage for over 10 years - even the mice had moved in and piddled and pooped all over it! (got hubby to decontaminate it for me).

Now its has been cleaned up and repainted everywhere.  This one is yet another DHE kit it is Fairbanks, which they still produce - but it is absolutely huge!


This is Grosvenor Hall - still to be completed but it has had quite a bit of interior work done already.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Finally got to add some new items to my website

Its been a while since I updated my site.  I'm afraid I keep making things putting them aside, making different things, putting them aside and making more and so it goes on - and, of course, because I never get around to taking photos of them - nobody gets to see what I have done - How dumb is that?

The last 2 items are yet to be added - along with a whole load more!

I have started a new project (I'm afraid my Grosvenor House kitchen has been put on hold) for the Model Exhibition we attend every April.  I have had the 'Country Store' DHE kit in storage for years and years and this little house would fit in our car easily - so have decided to do this to show.

I will post some progress with it as it happens but nothing exciting at the moment.

Can someone please make the days last longer!  It seems sometimes nothing is done and the day is gone - or is it just me!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Anyone for Tea?

This fabulous piece was purchased by Ali while in France
and here is my miniature version

This was my first one but I covered the names of the tea with the pots - so I made the back board taller, as in the first photo, but I think I like the shorter back better - so will be changing them.

and I have loads more to come -

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Another 'shrink' of my sister's items

Been shrinking some more things!

This being the real thing

These being my interpretation in miniature

They measure 55mm high x 50mm wide x 25mm deep approx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Full of new inspiration after a visit back home to Guernsey

We just had a short unexpected visit back to Guernsey, got to see our new Grandson and all the rest, well nearly, of the family.

Two of my sisters were there but my third sister was away, so unfortunately, I didn't get to see her.  My two sisters have an eye for home decor and detail, in fact they are brilliant at it.  My sister Ali (Alison) has a beautiful hobby room but it is far too perfect to use.  I took loads of pictures and have come back home determined to copy them in miniature.
This was just one item in Ali's hobby room and I have copied this as close as I could.
and this is the result.  I have made 'fat quarters' for the drawers also.

This next picture is of a plant holder in my other sister, Jane's home

and here is my copy, still need to put 'glass' in it yet and make some plants!
Back to Ali's home and I fell in love with this
I made the body part in fabric and stuffed it firm, I need to source some really pretty dainty antique lace, Ali showed me some she had picked up from a boot car sale for a tenner they were beautiful pieces, anyway here is my effort albeit 1/12th the size
Staying at Ali's and moving to the kitchen this little wall display cupboard was just made for miniaturising, sorry about the quality of the photo

and here is my 'shrunk' down version, still need to clean the paint off the hinges and final coat to go on 

There are loads and loads of things to follow - so please check back soon

This is just a start, believe me its only the tip of the iceberg as she has so many things that I took photos of.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Grosvenor Hall kitchen progress

Well progress is slow but there has been a little bit.  Have made the recess for the gas hob and cut out little tiles painted everything with a pale cream colour and added hardware.

 and here is as far as I have got.

I need to paint the panels at the back of the sink and still have some work to do to the hob, put in some 'glass' behind the doors and work out where I want to put the lights to light up the cupboards.  Paint the worktops to look like granite, add taps so still plenty to achieve.
The last picture also shows the ruler so you can get an idea of how big it is and how big the room that it is going in.