Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Christmas Everyone

I hope you all have a good one.

I am just posting a peak into some new items that I will be adding to my website over the holidays.  If anyone wants to escape the mayhem for a few minutes please check by.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I am having a great time

no.... I am not on holiday (that doesn't ever appeal to me anyway, I hate being away from my creature comforts) but a great time with .....

a 3D printer !

I love gadgets but this is fabulous.  I can now make lots more things in mini form that I wasn't able to do before.

I know I haven't posted anything on my blog for ages but you will see I have been busy getting to learn this technology.  Once I could get my head around how to turn 2d objects into 3d - now there is no stopping me.  I thought my head was 'busting' with ideas before but now its on the verge of explosion!

I should just add that everything in the photo has been 'printed' except for the rose.

Here is a little taster of what I have been making - some painted - some left 'naked'.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Winter's coming......

Just thought I would make some Stoves to keep my homes nice and snug as the longer nights come and the weather is getting colder

lots more things to show you but have to pop out now will upload more later

I have put these on Etsy and will finish adding them to my website later today.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

It's been a while ..

but now I finally got my supplies to finish my Rangemaster cookers this week and I will add them to my website tomorrow.  In the meantime I have been making little containers - boxes and canisters - which I have put up on my site today, there are still a few I have to add but most of them are up.

The next thing I want to do is to add room settings with everything in the setting to be available to buy - wish me luck!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Rangemaster Cookers

I struggle to find nice cookers in miniature so I thought I would have a go at making them.

Will put some on my site for sale soon.

I have to wait for my order of metal filigrees before I can make anymore and more brass tubing.

So I have got a load of them cut and ready to finish.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

At long last I have added

some new items to my site

here are just a few and I still have loads to upload but I have to stop to get some supper ready.

 Well I know its not many but its a start- I will carry on tomorrow.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Something I have been working on for one of my miniature friends

Just a little peak

I will post more photos of it and of other pieces soon

This is a cupboard that has been designed, cutout, constructed and decorated by me.  (I do not buy ready made furniture and decorate it) all my pieces are lovingly created from beginning to end.

My work is inspired by one of my Italian customers who gives me loads of ideas and other inspiration is from real life size items that I see and just have to 'shrink' them.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Did I ever say Pink was my favourite colour!

Welcome to all my new followers, I hope you enjoy popping in to see me now and then.  I can't promise to update as often as I would like, but I do get my 'little' moments.

I am working on PINK as my theme for a few new things / ideas I have and this is the first glimpse of a few of them

The little book stand's drawers do not open but on the other pieces the drawers are all 'working'.

The two little drawer sets (the ones with the black transfers) are for placing on a raised surface (i.e. a deep window sill / shelf table or cabinet).

I am almost finished making another bed (different from the one above) but of course it will be PINK!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Playing with colours

I love the colour pink and couldn't resist making this little cabinet in a slightly different vein to that of the French picture kitchen cabinet.  Thought it might be nice as a bathroom stand.

I love how people turn old jars and bottles into beautiful ornaments by adding bits of lace, ribbons and jewellery, there are loads of inspirational ideas on Pinterest.  So, of course I had to take the idea and make it mini.

I thought of making a Study or Gentleman's room with black and gold and have started experimenting with this also.  Apologies for the dreadful photos but I just wanted to show you what I had been up to.

and... my Italian friend, Monica sends me loads of inspiration too and she asked if I could come up with this Window effect for a rustic kitchen.  I am trying it in shabby white also, although this picture doesn't show it shabbied up yet, nor with a window sill.

Monica has just emailed me and said that my pink cabinet would like good in a nursery - nice one Monica,  thank you.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Annual outing !

Hi everyone,

I have been frantically trying to finish the Little Country Store ready for Sunday (28th) when we attend a Charity Fund Raising Event in Monageer.  I don't joke either when I say its my annual outing - we don't go anywhere - ever - just provisions shopping - and that's not every week either - what a strange life I live but I wouldn't have it any other way it means I can make minis all day everyday - except when household chores interrupt but then I also love food so I don't really mind the cooking part!

Anyway back to miniatures.  I was really stuck as to know what to fill this little house up with and just over a week ago I hadn't put anything in it so I really had to get a move on.  Like I have said in the past I love creating and making things but when it comes to putting it all together that's when I lose it!

So out came boxes and boxes of things I have made and slowly I started getting something together.

Everything I have put in this house has been made by me with the exception of the electric working lights, these were amongst my mini stash from years gone by that I have collected along the way.  Also the little ceramic heart shaped tray in the bedroom, the teapot and cupcakes in the kitchen were made by Charissa - http://www.easywebshop.com/minilisa.  The mugs, gateaux and ceramic pot of flowers and phone were also purchases, but everything else is mine.

Here is my effort, any comments from you would be welcome - good or bad.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Some new things

I must stop and take photos and upload to my site (so I keep telling myself) and never get around to doing it but I thought I would just do a quick peak into what I have been up to.

These are some little Memories chests/trunks they measure 55mmx40mmx40mm approx.

This is an idea that was on Pinterest that I just had to 'shrink' down - what a lovely idea to make an old bookcase into either a dollhouse themed toy/bookshelf or even an open dollhouse for a dollhouse!

I have been making these little dressers in different colours with more to follow.

 This is a little cabinet suitable for a bathroom / bedroom it has a white worktop and one shelf inside