Monday, 6 November 2017

We are in !

Still tons of unpacking to do but I have my 3D Printers and workroom all set up with my miniatures mostly sorted.  Just so pleased to be getting back to normality after being in limbo for so long.

So my website is now 'open' for business again.

I have a lot of photos to take of items I made before they all went into storage so as well as still sorting our new home I am definitely going to be kept busy.

Monday, 23 October 2017

We have a date!

I am so excited we are moving in on 31st October AT LAST!

I can't tell you how happy we are.  All our belongings have been in storage for over 9 weeks now, including my precious 3D printers.  So we will have some unpacking and sorting out to do but oh so worth it after being 'homeless' all this time.  So grateful to our son for putting up with us all these weeks.

The dogs have been washed and trimmed (by a professional groomer, (not me)) and are looking fabulous ready for our move to our new home.  I can't wait for them to explore the garden, something they have missed since we left our home in Ireland.

These pics were taken after they had been out in the rain and wind but still look fab.




Now it's just a matter of getting through the next few days - so close, yet so far!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Still homeless!

We are staying in B&B until next Wednesday and then we move onto our son's until our house purchase is complete, still not sure what date yet.

Our hosts at the B&B are fabulous, as is their home.  Their dog, Pepper, is a delightful Cockerpoo, only just 1 year old and so friendly,  I love her.  Our little Bichons are confused but seem to be 'going with the flow'.

We are currently sitting in the car over looking Douglas Bay, on Douglas Head.  Nice sunny day today.  There seem to be a lot of tourists still here.

Had a few 'fun and games' sorting out hubby's phone when replacing SIM card with a local one - it was locked to the Irish carrier!   Errrr.. made me very cross as I paid mega Euros to get that phone unlocked a couple of years ago.  Anyway after a 3 hour phone call, which also included Apple in a 'conference' call with Vodafone, it finally got sorted - PHEW.  Glad they ended up phoning me back, on my phone, wouldn't have wanted that charge.

On another issue, while I appreciate the priority is to protect the individual what a 'faff' to change address on bank and credit cards - almost impossible, I can't believe how difficult they make it.  Waste of time talking to anyone on the phone about this they are so 'helpful' NOT!  I posted change of address to most of them before we left Ireland and all of them must have been sent around the globe, collecting airmiles or something, as 2 weeks later the details have still not been updated!

I must stop grumbling but I have to let off steam - CALM DOWN AND CARRY ON Susan - OK rant over.

Now I am going to walk my doggies along Marine Drive so we can all have a leg stretch and a bit of exercise.

Update you later.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Just kicking our heels now

I am so frustrated not being kept busy with my minis.

We leave home on Wednesday (or now maybe it should be called 'base') as we have nothing left apart from a blowup bed, a mug, plate, and spoon, plus various items that I just had to keep back like toaster and teapot!  It should be fun trying (and I think it will be trying) to get what we have left into our little Fiesta, including 2 pet carriers, plus 2 dogs! and a suitcase of clothes, plus umpteen plastic boxes that we had in freezer with meals/food in.  Oh what fun!

Yesterday we used a 24/7 Laundry in the village Wellington Bridge, and it was first class and quick.  Would recommend to anyone as we were a little concerned that it might not be great - just placed the washing in and sat in the car and waited for it to finish.

Be glad when we get across the Irish sea, not looking forward to that bit as I am concerned for my little dogs being left in the car on the car deck as they are not allowed on board the ferry as it has no facilities for them only the bigger vessel has.  Three hours of torment for them and us.

Looks so sad with no furniture

I'm so bored ...................

Friday, 25 August 2017


Well our home contents are - we will follow in a few days!

We have spent the last few weeks packing everything up, really hard work as we have so much stuff.  We were really worried that it would not all fit on the truck!

Such lovely removal guys.  A BIG thank you to Jamie's Removals of the Isle of Man you are doing a fabulous job, as I type this post they are hard at work getting everything loaded, well done Jamie and Carl.

Our little Bichon dogs have been so bewildered by all the mess and upheaval.  They will be further mixed up when we are staying in temporary accommodation.

I am already missing making my minis but hey ho this will give me plenty of time to design new things already for when my 3D printers are up and running again.

I am so looking forward to settling in our new home on Isle of Man.  We were so lucky to come across the little gem we found.  I know our 2 little dogs will love their new garden - I know we will.

For a few weeks anyway I will be posting on my blog something I never normally get time to do.

Now I must go and make these hard working men a brew.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hello, long time since my last post

I would just like to mention that I get a lot of comments (PM's and public) from people reading my blog, which I am very touched by, thank you to you all.  Some people are unaware that I do actually make everything for sale.

I have my website

Anything you see on either this blog or my website is available (and loads besides) just drop me a message if you can't see what you want - there is no obligation to make a purchase.

I make kitchens to fit your room size and you can ask for a specific style - again no obligation.

I was asked a little while back if I did any 'beachy' things for someone that has a beach house - I am only too happy to have a go and have made a few items.  I have a load more but just wanted to show you these so far.

Deck chair, lighthouse, seahorse, anchor, life belt, ship wheel, framed seashell and word art to start with.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

No excuse I guess

I am so sorry I haven't updated my blog, but for those of you who follow me I just can't apologise enough for not posting anything new.  I know I keep making excuses but we all know how quick time flies!

I have been busy making new things and I have just come back from my annual visit to Guernsey armed with a whole new bundle of ideas from two of my sisters.

Here is a taster of my new things all can be seen on my site in detail or you can email me for more if you can't find them